Welcome to the ongoing blog series championing the things I love… A curation of people, creators, artists, small businesses and places that inspire me.

The Things I Love blog feature has been born out of the uncertainty currently consuming our world. So instead of being overwhelmed by the unknown, I want to start focusing on the things that bring me joy, keep me inspired and fuel my love of colour. I want to indulge in the nice stuff and build a collective of artists, entrepreneurs and creators, by highlighting and supporting those around me!

My dream is for it to become a little directory of sorts, connecting you with other creative, inspirational and wildly talented people!

The people section will be all about championing artists, creatives and business people. Expect conversations with those I love and admire. We’ll get to know them, their inspirations, their work life, family life and current favourites and of course pick their brains for business advice and life lessons.

Among all of the uncertainty, there is one thing I’m certain of… These are the things I love.

- Tiff x