Although Tiff has always adored painting from the heart with total creative freedom, creating with someone special in mind is a total joy. Tulle skirt sizing (length and waist measurements), colour palette and painting style (floral, abstract, graphic etc) are all variable to bring about your dream piece.

If a previously sold skirt stole your heart, or if you have a particular look or colour palette in mind, Tiff can work from your event mood board or a single photo displaying your dream colour palette.

Our current wait time for tulle skirts is four to five weeks, they retail for $750.00AUD. There is no extra charge for custom pieces (unless adjustments are made to the length or waist measurements).

If you would like to place an order for a one of a kind, hand painted tulle skirt, please contact us directly at to discuss your dream piece.
Simply send through your colour/design specifications along with your desired tulle colour (black or white). Please attach any photos that reference your desired colour palette, painting style, event mood board or past tulle skirts you’ve loved. That way, Tiff can accurately bring your vision to life.
We look forward to hearing from you!

With love,

the tiff team xx

Ps. All of Tiff’s works are one of a kind and have a way of finding their forever homes in a dash, so if you would simply like to be the first to know when tulle skirts are available to purchase please sign up for our newsletter.