rio coffee x jodi lee foundation

Your next cuppa could help prevent bowel cancer

Art & Coffee come together to raise awareness & much needed funds for bowel cancer prevention.

Bowel Cancer is currently the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in 25-34 year olds. Buying your next coffee from one of the participating cafes, could help you or someone you know prevent bowel cancer.

Creating this painting for The Jodi Lee Foundation has been a true pleasure. Building stories and messages that have meaning to those at the forefront of this foundation and all that it stands for was pivotal in the process.

A birds eye view of landscapes that evoke memories of special places, moments in time and special things that are close at the heart of Jodi Lee's journey.

I hoped to be able to convey the true community spirit also that it takes to build the awareness for Bowel Cancer and its early detection. I feels it a very positive piece, one that will evoke conversation and emotion. I always like to think my work can inspire happiness, hopefully it does the same for the person who ends up with it in their home.

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To help raise much needed funds for bowel cancer prevention, if you are in a position to, I would love for you to purchase a raffle ticket for your chance to win my original artwork titled "Trust You Intuition." This piece is framed in oak and measures 1420mm x 1030mm H x 55mm D. Every dollar raised will be donated to Jodi lee Foundation.

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Trust Your Intuition

Raffle Terms & Conditions

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  • This is an online raffle.
  • Raffle ticket sales will commence on 1 April 2023 and entries will be eligible for each the draw on 1 July 2023.
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  • Residents from ACT & WA are not eligible to purchase raffle tickers/enter the raffle due to licensing restrictions.
  • The prize includes shipping and handling costs to all Australian residents, excluding WA and ACT residents who are not eligible for the raffle.
  • The raffle draw will take place between 9am - 11am on 30 June 2023. Prize will be announced on Friday 30 June 2023, on Jodi Lee Foundation social media and Tiff Manuell social media. Winner will be notified directly within 72 hours of their prize being announced.
  • Winner will not be asked via social media for their financial information or for any additional form of payment to claim a prize. Please be aware of scammers and/or social media accounts impersonating the Jodi Lee Foundation.
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The Jodi Lee Foundation's Mission is to empower everyone to take active steps to prevent bowel cancer and lead healthy lives.

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