“Absolutely loveeee your colourful and crazy creations! So wish I lived nearby to see the studio in action.” @lanyatropicanatextiles

“I'd die in there. It's so beautiful. This is not real life.” @nikieshalee

“Love that your whole process takes days and days. Must mean there’s never a moment of tediousness because then it’s off to the next step in production! Beautiful.” @sarahmakesthese

“I went to a party on the weekend and there were 3 Tiff bags there including mine. All totally different and gorgeous!! @noosaartists

“I’ll need to extend my mortgage. I want it all. I do like that idea though…” @cjaye1

“Hyperventilating.” @kyliewikaira

"Looks as pretty as my breakfast today!" @mazmis

"I've been stalking your site for a year, waiting for the right piece to grab me and tonight's the night! Woo hoo!" @anskatt

"Gorgeous little studio! Can't wait to unwrap my purchases! Thanks!" @cmartie17