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I am not quite sure how you came to be here but thank you for making your way, you will find my little store bursting with colour and pattern and generally an ever evolving array of ideas.

All the products featured here are somewhat like you, unique I guess or at least I aim for them to be. I figure just like everyday our disposition changes so do I when I design so nothing stays the same for too long. I paint a canvas based on just how I am feeling and from that I manage to make a small or large handful of products. It also ensures that no 2 are identical. I want them to be fresh and fun and to make your heart sing, that’s what colour does for me.

I hope that maybe one of my designs pops out at you and sings that little song.
These are little pieces of art designed to be worn, art for arts sake that maybe express a little through colour how you feel or who you are on that day.

Happy browsing.