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Caring for your Tiff

To get long term use out of your Tiff pieces, they need to be treated with the same love and care they were created with.

Due to the hand-painted and unique nature of the pieces, after heat exposure the paint may develop a life of it’s own and decide to leave slight marks on the inside of the PVC case. This is usually not noticeable until removing the PVC case. To prevent this, don’t leave your Tiff in the sun or car when you are at the beach, or on a hot table at Sunday drinks. Treat it like a pet and it will be your best friend!

If paint marks do occur on the inside of the PVC case, these can be removed with eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil, or (if you’d rather not do anything except get out your credit card!) you can purchase a brand new PVC cover for your Tiff clutch to keep it shiny and new here.

Other tips:
Hang accessories or lay them flat when storing

Do not leave Tiff pieces in direct sunlight or extreme heat for long

To clean outside of a clutch, wipe PVC with a damp cloth
Place a heavy flat object onto front canvas details of clutches, or other pieces with fringing, to flatten them out before wear

Avoid water directly on painted surfaces and never submerge pieces in water