• Thinking About You

    Posted on July 11 2018

    Ever wanted to dance around in a magical dress of your dreams, just like something out of Alice and Wonderland? Well, we think we may have a solution… Our “Thinking...

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  • The making of "Socialite"

    Posted on March 07 2018

    Often we are asked about the process behind our planning, inspiration and paintings, so we thought we’d give you little insight into one of Tiff’s pieces. This piece, titled “socialite”...

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  • Hello sportswear!

    Posted on December 01 2017

    This week is one of our most exciting product releases yet - we'll be dropping completely new pieces from our capsule sportswear range! One of the most fun & interesting projects...

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  • Introducing: Lily!

    Posted on November 17 2017

    This week we're continuing our series on our talented Tiff Team members, so you can get to know the people who create your clutches and accessories in our teeny studio! Next...

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  • MumKIND

    Posted on November 03 2017

    This month we have partnered with incredible local charity MumKIND to support women in need. It's so easy to take the basics in life for granted, so we're grateful for...

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  • That's a wrap: AFF 2017

    Posted on October 19 2017

    Last week, we had the amazing experience of seeing our Tiff Manuell: Colour Immersion Runway show come to life. We'd worked tirelessly for a couple of months putting together every...

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  • Colour Immersion Runway

    Posted on September 08 2017

    Adelaide Fashion Festival 2017 We invite you to join the magic and experience a show unlike any other - the Tiff Manuell Colour Immersion Runway. Our Adelaide Fashion Festival show...

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  • AFF photoshoot with Akiima

    Posted on August 31 2017

    In preparation for Adelaide Fashion Festival 2017, Tiff took part in a photoshoot - we were lucky enough to work with incredible Adelaide model Akiima who is the face of...

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  • AFF 201 7

    Posted on August 24 2017

    This week we've announced our involvement in this year's Adelaide Fashion Festival! This is our biggest event yet with the festival, as we are hosting our own ticketed show on...

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  • werk werk werk experience

    Posted on August 11 2017

    We take on a small number of work experience students each year, from secondary school, TAFE and university. It can be a big undertaking in the sense that there is...

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  • Tiff X Rollie

    Posted on July 28 2017

    This week we’ve announced some suuuuper exciting news for everyone who loves some colour in their step… we are collaborating with Melbourne-based footwear trend-setter Rollie Shoes for a new and colourful...

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  • Artworks in progress

    Posted on July 13 2017

    July is upon us, and it's this time of year where things start to get serious for us.... and in 2017 even more so, as we have a number of exciting new...

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  • Mesh Magic

    Posted on June 16 2017

    Last year during the Adelaide Fashion Festival we had the opportunity to experiment with some different materials outside the realms of our usual canvas base. Tiff decided to try using...

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  • South Australia in the Studio - She Shopped

    Posted on June 06 2017

    We were so lucky to recently work with the lovely Lucy Cornes in creating this feature for her website, She Shopped. She Shopped creates a regular feature, 'South Australia in...

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  • #tiffmanuell

    Posted on June 02 2017

    One of our favourite parts of what we do is meeting all the different types of customers that come into our studio store, and speaking to them on all corners of...

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  • All in the details

    Posted on May 19 2017

    Occasionally we have the chance to sit down and work for a couple of days on one clutch design, focusing on heavy attention to detail. It’s a nice challenge to...

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  • Introducing... Doris!

    Posted on May 05 2017

    We are so excited for this next series of blog posts. Over the coming weeks and months we will be featuring each of our fantastic Tiff Team members so you...

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  • Art Therapy

    Posted on April 20 2017

    Often we all feel pretty grateful and lucky that we a get to paint, make, cut, sew, design and create for our jobs each day. All of us in the...

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  • 80s inspiration

    Posted on April 04 2017

    We LOVE the 80s. Tiff grew up in the 80s, which partly contributes to her love of bright contrasting colours and shapes! A whole string of our designs at the...

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  • Dream Big

    Posted on March 24 2017

    Probably our favourite thing about the products we make is that every single piece is completely unique - you will never find two clutches with the exact same detailing. This can...

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  • Girl Power!

    Posted on March 07 2017

    Today is International Women's Day! We have a fantastic team of babes who work as part of our design/creative and online team to make the magic happen - we are...

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  • Colour Queens

    Posted on February 24 2017

    One of the biggest reasons we do what we do is for our absolute love of colour, and seeing how happy we can make others using colour in our designs....

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  • Plastic Fantastic

    Posted on February 17 2017

    We love to play with different industrial materials, especially when it results in something we can wear. It's also fun to keep it fresh and think of new products that...

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  • Megan Park & Tiff

    Posted on December 14 2016

    2016 has been such a fun, productive and exciting year for the Tiff Team. One of our highlights of the year was collaborating with Melbourne designer Megan Park to create a...

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  • MINI Bright Rays Mentorship

    Posted on September 26 2016

    Tiff has recently been given the amazing opportunity to act as a mentor for young designers through MINI's Bright Rays campaign! As someone who has established a career in independent design,...

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  • Urban Adventures

    Posted on September 16 2016

    We love getting out and about with our Tiff bags and seeing how they can fit in with (or stand out from!) our surroundings! Suzie and Claire hit the streets...

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  • Tiff in LA!

    Posted on September 01 2016

    Tiff and her best friend Anna hit the streets of LA last week to get some inspiration and some sun! As well as treading the streets of Hollywood and taking...

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  • Tiff Manuell X AFF

    Posted on August 12 2016

    This week the campaign and program for the 2016 Adelaide Fashion Festival launched! Last year's festival was our first time being involved in a large scale event like this and...

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  • Dear Juliet, Oh Romeo!

    Posted on August 03 2016

    At the moment we are really loving these warm, rosey and romantic colour palettes. One style painted a few weeks ago we named ‘Dear Juliet’, and since have had a...

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  • Street Style

    Posted on July 25 2016

    We love taking photos of our Tiff bags, especially in colourful or interesting locations. Suzie and Claire walked around the Adelaide CBD recently to hunt out some street art that...

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  • Tate Modern

    Posted on July 08 2016

    One of the most exciting things to happen on our journey so far has been fulfilled within the last few weeks – Tiff pieces are now stocked in the Tate...

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  • Bucket Bag

    Posted on June 23 2016

    It’s always exciting introducing new products! The months and time we spend on getting the pattern, materials and construction perfect are always worth it. The brand new Bucket Bag is...

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  • Sparrows

    Posted on June 21 2016

    A new product to enter our range of neck pieces this winter is the super cute Sparrow. The Sparrow is the casual younger sister of the classic Nightingale style. With...

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  • #ThrowbackThursday

    Posted on June 09 2016

    A while ago we were approached by Aspire magazine to collaborate for a photo shoot. We expected the usual beautiful street style female model to be rocking our pieces. The...

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  • Nightingales

    Posted on June 03 2016

    Issy makes accessories and specialises in the Nightingale style. These neck pieces are made up of different individually cut scallops from hand-picked sections of painted canvas. Issy usually chooses a...

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  • Studio Snaps!

    Posted on May 31 2016

    The process we use to create Tiff clutches is unique to us and ensures every single piece we produce is completely individual. It’s the thing we love most about our...

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