All in the details

Occasionally we have the chance to sit down and work for a couple of days on one clutch design, focusing on heavy attention to detail. It’s a nice challenge to create artwork which has that little extra touch such as fringing, special collated placement of canvas pieces, or particularly detailed paintwork. 

This week we are trying an entirely new method – using fine metallic pen over our painted canvas to add an extra element. Here are some pictures of Romi concentrating on creating straight geometric lines to cover the canvas pieces on these navy bags. We love the effect of the metallic shiny blue on top of the deeper navy.

These will take a few days to complete given their involved nature – so we have to allocate extra time and patience to these designs. We have also been focusing on detailed linework (see the black and white designs below), as well as a more sophisticated range inspired by the Memphis design movement which should be online in the next week. Adding these extra details and time to our designs whenever we can is something we find a lot of customers really notice and appreciate.

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