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Article: Introducing... Doris!

Introducing... Doris!

Introducing... Doris!

We are so excited for this next series of blog posts. Over the coming weeks and months we will be featuring each of our fantastic Tiff Team members so you can get to know the people who design and make your bags (and the behind-the-scenes magic) happen.

First up is..... our graphic designer and resident earring queen, Doris!

What is your role in the Tiff Team and what do you love about it?

Hello! I'm the graphic designer and 'photo person' at Tiff Manuell - I take care of all the product photography and editing needed to keep the website stocked full of beautiful product, as well as any other little graphic design jobs such as our email newsletter that goes out every fortnight.

I love being surrounded by colour at work and seeing new designs get made every week; presenting such a unique and beautiful product and making sure that the colours, patterns and other details are portrayed well is really satisfying.
Because each item is handmade and one-of-a-kind, every day is new and interesting!

What’s your favourite song or artist to listen to while you work? 

Our part of the office is usually tuned in to triple j - at the moment I'm loving anything by Tash Sultana as well as a new track by Jess Locke, 'Better/Bitter.' The dork in me also always enjoys the science segment on Thursdays.
Describe one item of clothing that you own that defines YOU and your style!

My favourite piece in my wardrobe (unfortunately, out of season with winter coming up) at the moment is a red floral-patterned shift dress by Totem clothing - it perfectly sums up my love for summer, bright/warm colours and bold pattern, and having a complete, fuss-free outfit all in one item of clothing is always a bonus!
What's your spirit animal? 
I wish I could say Unicorn but it's probably a Slow Loris because it's a bit of an oddball.
What is inspiring you right now?

The creative community in Adelaide in general; there are so many talented designers, makers and small business owners in this little city and it's great place to be working in the creative industry.

What is your favourite Disney film? 
It's a tough race but I think it has to be The Lion King!
What's your favourite thing you have worked on or accomplished during your time in the Tiff Team?

Working with the team to create some new feature images for the website was a lot of fun and really rewarding (a lot of playing around with nail polish, glitter and paint) - I think the final result really showcases the colour, fun and creativity that goes into each clutch!

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