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Article: Can:do 4Kids x Tiff Manuell

Can:do 4Kids x Tiff Manuell

Can:do 4Kids x Tiff Manuell

We are pleased to introduce you to our latest passion project, a fundraising effort for Can:do 4Kids. This idea was born from a mutual love for colour! With Loud Shirt day just around the corner, we just knew we had to organise something special that embodies the love and support Can:Do 4Kids provides children in need.

What They Do

The Can:Do group provides essential support to children who are deaf, hearing impaired, blind or vision impaired as well as a much needed shoulder to lean on for their loved ones. Their purpose… To build an inclusive community and give people the skills to live a life without limits.

There are up to 10,000 South Australian kids with hearing and vision challenges that need Can:Do 4Kids help and support, and is why Today at 8pm we are launching the “Can Do” range, a collection of totes, clutches, wallets, card wallets and laptop cases. The profits of this collection will be donated directly to Can:Do 4Kids, helping them to continue to provide incredible care to those that need it most.

How We Can Help

Creating a connection with Can: Do 4Kids has been a special time for me. Meeting with their organisers and some of the very gorgeous children who are recipients of their wonderful work gave me the inspiration to create this special design. Converting the design into our full range of bags gave us the perfect way to help fundraise for their Loud Shirt Day campaign. The design was inspired by their unique and loving sense of community, their passionate connection to the families that they work alongside and their infectious Can-Do attitude! You will spot small symbols throughout the design that depict neighborhoods, pathways that resemble journeys, nature and buildings that suggest the importance of happy homes and learning environments that build confidence in the children. Sunny bright colours make me think of kids in general but definitely reflect the kids I have met and heard about who are part of this very special community. I hope you also find your own unique elements in the bag that you perhaps purchase.

This Friday, the 23rd of October we’ll be wearing our Loud Shirts along with 10,000 other LOUD supporters nationwide. Let’s get Loud! Should you also like to get involved please follow this link to join the movement.

Should you wish to learn more or donate to them directly, see their website for details here.

I hope you find a piece you truly love and discover the stories of community and love that I tried to communicate through colour and motifs. Thank you again for helping me continue to support organisations that are close to my heart.

Find out more about Can:Do 4Kids and the services that they so lovingly provide via their website.

With love,

Tiff xx

*Collection Launches 8PM the 19th of October*

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