Colour Queens

Posted on February 24 2017

One of the biggest reasons we do what we do is for our absolute love of colour, and seeing how happy we can make others using colour in our designs. There are a couple of colour queens we have so much respect for who observe and appreciate the colour in their world to translate into their creative work. 

We get so much joy from seeing the success of these very different women and their love and passion for what they make. Whether it's an insight into their lives or families, their design processes, their colour palettes or inspirations, we have followed the journeys of these designers for a number of years, continuing to be in awe of their originality. 

Supporting other independent makers in small ways is very important to us, whether it be an encouraging comment or the occasional purchase - we certainly receive the same from many of these artists and feel so happy to be part of such a welcoming and supportive community. We thought it would be nice to feature a couple of the colour queens who continue to inspire us, in celebration of girl power! 

Kristin Devitt @eachtoown

Alex Fulton @helloalexfulton 

Letitia Green @letitiagreenstudio

Julie White @hellojuliewhite

Rachel Castle @rachelcastleandthings

The Estelle Report @theestellereport

Kindah Khalidy @kindahkhalidy

Poppies for Grace @poppiesforgrace 

Rachel Burke @imakestagram 


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