Tiff Manuell X AFF

Posted on August 12 2016

This week the campaign and program for the 2016 Adelaide Fashion Festival launched! Last year's festival was our first time being involved in a large scale event like this and it was an amazing opportunity. We were reminiscing about it and thought we should share some pictures of the fashion installation we created!

After an intensive designing and making process, we produced an original collection of hand-painted silk garments in just a couple of months. Tiff spent days and weeks hand-painting onto a new medium for her - metres of silk! Some of the larger skirts and dresses had up to 5 metres of silk in them! It was a fun, exciting and at times draining process!

We were so happy with the results and sharing this with the Adelaide fashion community and our friends and families was a great honour. We won't be undertaking a project of this scale in 2016, but we will be involved in the AFF to some capacity. Stay tuned!  

There are a very small number of these special pieces still available in our studio to purchase. Enquires welcome at info@tiffmanuell.com








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