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Face Masks

Face Masks face become a part of our day to day routine so they may as well bring us some joy and by adding a little colour!

Cotton, washable and reusable, double layer face mask.

Features internal pocket for additional filter (tissue, baking paper etc.)

Please note our masks are not medical grade masks. They’re 100% cotton, washable and reusable, but not medical grade. Our masks are not in any means classified as 'Personal Protective Equipment' (PPE).

Masks need to be applied with clean hands. After removing mask, please wash immediately in hot soapy water (hang to dry). Masks need to be washed every time they are taken off or the very least DAILY.

* Please note that whilst we have grouped the masks by design, our masks are handmade and therefore every mask is one of a kind and unique, each mask will feature different elements of the painting. The designs are subject to variation in style, colours and placement *

No returns or exchanges for all mask purchases *

Face Masks

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