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Posted on April 20 2017

Often we all feel pretty grateful and lucky that we a get to paint, make, cut, sew, design and create for our jobs each day. All of us in the Tiff Team have different personality types, but something we find in common is that we are all very suited to this style of working. We work very hard and productively on whatever we're making at the time, often silent apart from whichever tunes we choose to have blaring that day. 

We can see why 'Art Therapy' is successful as a concept for anyone facing difficulties - it can definitely be an amazing form of relaxation and mindfulness. Busying your mind and hands with an activity gives an awesome sense of calm and direction. Being surrounded by colour all day certainly makes us happy! We love our studio of organised chaos, and having quite a small space has taught us to work around each other and be very resourceful. 

We love the idea that the product we create is so positive, always containing an interesting mix of colours, shapes and fresh ideas - we hope that the love and positivity we put in is felt for whoever's hands our clutches land in! 


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  • Margaret: May 26, 2017

    It’s all in the details and your stunning work truly shows that. I live in the NYC area and ordered my handbag on a Sunday morning. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that only 3 days later I would have it delivered to my door!
    Then came the packaging which was so lovingly and carefully wrapped. It was like unwrapping a delicious candy.
    When I saw the bag finally I was overwhelmed. It is a piece of art.
    Your studio is the modern artisan tradition coming back to life. Thank you for being a cut above and for going the extra mile. It really makes all the difference.

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