LIVE: Warehouse Transformation

Soooo… We have news! After searching high and low for what has felt like years (looking back now, its actually been years!) We have finally found a new space to call our home! Meet our daggy new warehouse space that with a little love, TLC (okay some serious hands on deck and gyprock) is going to transform into my dream studio/ gallery store/ place to hang out, paint, relax and bask in colour. I’m seriously over the moon and cannot wait to watch this unfold!

We had this grand idea to show you before and after photos once all is said and done and we’re were open for bizz, but since the world has been flipped on its head we thought instead… Let’s create a blog with live updates, our mood boards, inspiration, the ups and downs and everything in between! Who knows how this will pan out, we may be put in lockdown, our completion dates may be postponed, our grand ideas may have to be scaled back OR it could be a dream to work on with nothing but successes! Who knows… I guess we’ll find out together!

To our beautiful customers, don’t worry we’re not moving far! In true Adelaide style, it’s about a five minute car journey from our Unley studio to our new space. We’ll release the exact address later on, but for now what we can tell you… We’re located in a residential(ish) kind of commercial area, we’re right opposite a pretty gorgeous Wine Bar, (hello girls days out with wine, friends and shopping) and we have some very gorgeous next door neighbours (a family run business fronted by the loveliest of people).

Follow our warehouse transformation on Pinterest, this is where you’ll find all of our inspiration (other people's spaces) and progress photos (our personal journey).  We will also have a highlight on Instagram detailing the behind the scenes!

Sooo… without further to do… Watch the Warehouse To Dreamhouse Transformation begin! xxx

Tiff xxx


This is the corner I cozied into today (Wednesday the 25th of March) playing around with a feature colour palette (which was possibly one of the hardest things I've had to do)... Choosing a favourite colour combo is like choosing a favourite child... Impossible! Although somewhat impossible, if you have one, I would love to hear it! Leave a comment below - perhaps your fave pantones? After sourcing plenty of visual inspiration and flicking through a bunch of my fave mags and books, I've settled on this subdued yet punchy combo which I hope will stand the test of time... Fingers crossed! These six colours will inform key pieces of furniture, feature walls and signage. But, with that being said tomorrow I might wake up with another idea, so take this with a grain of salt. Haha I guess this is the beauty of a live blog, you'll get to know the real me, the very indecisive me, always pushing, never 100% certain but keen to do something fresh. (I'll keep you in the loop if anything changes). Whilst back at the warehouse, the team (aka DAVE) is getting ready to give the new and improved walls a lick of gleaming white paint... no doubt they wont be white for long once I move in!

So today was one of those days... Laying the foundations, starting the first coats of paint and ensuring everything is flush, so by 5pm you're exhausted but looking back at the progress it feels like nothing has changed! I did get to rip up a bunch of carpet which was equally as satisfying as I'd hoped it would be! Anyway, the main thing is that the ball is still rolling and we're on track to meet our goals (for now!)

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