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Article: She Loves Me

She Loves Me

She Loves Me

It's a very different process painting a canvas design for our bags than it is creating a painting for someone’s home. We have to consider scale, colour, texture, depth, and appeal. Making sure there is enough detail on each small item. Over the years there have been literally hundreds of designs created with the stokes of our brushes. Yet each one has to be significantly different from the other, after all, one-of-a-kind is the heart beat of the Tiff brand. Each bag is ‘unique,’ no two the same, ever! 

So each design requires a little bit of planning, even if it’s just a hunch on the day, the process has to include layers, a beautiful array of colours, masterful strokes and a sense of playfulness and be of course aesthetically pleasing! Our collection has been designed as art for you to carry… to start conversation, find common ground with another colour lover and attract compliments!

So I love to strive for something beautiful, I want to make sure each design sings, has its own special flare. Creating ‘She Loves Me’ was all about a fresh fun floral, something youthful that is a little bit ’50’s wallpaper’  but also modern. Our signature cobalt blue being the hero in  the background, with two layers of depth scrapped to create the texture, lots of white peaking through to give dimension. The idea was a bed of daisy-like flowers created with loose brush strokes, using rougher older brushes to give the raw messy edges to each petal. The process requires patience, there are thousands of petals across two large canvases, and each colour needs to dry off before the next one is applied. The aqua green leaves and punchy watermelon blossoms finish the design. The leaves brought to life with a fan brush. The blossoms… the head of a very old daggy round brush. We do prize ourselves on our techniques, some that we have just created by accident and experimentation, years of painting everyday!

She Loves Me is a fresh feminine joyful design. I loved painting it, it was extra special seeing it cut up and especially lovely seeing it completed as bags. I often wonder where they go and into whose homes. I dream of a party where every ones comes with their bags so I can see how they match the lovely person who has chosen that one to be theirs! With every bag being as unique as their owner.

Explore below to see how “She Loves Me” came to be… xxx

So many Qs about these shoes… So a special shout out to the comfiest, shiniest studio sneakers by the ever so wonderful Rollie… Shop them here 


And... Tada! She Loves Me in her final form... Pictured below, our Classic tote. Shop our current range here.

As seen in our studio store, located in Norwood, South Australia. Learn all about our interactive artist studio and retail store here. We would absolutely love for you to come by, say hi and explore our space.

Shop the range of one of a kind accessories, clutches, handbags, totes and wallets from the She Loves Me range here.

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