Hello sportswear!

This week is one of our most exciting product releases yet - we'll be dropping completely new pieces from our capsule sportswear range! 

One of the most fun & interesting projects for our team this year has been working on paintings with the purpose of printing onto clothing - in particular, stretchy, sporty goodness. The number one aim of these super bright pieces is to make you happy while you wear them - whether you're dancing, jogging, napping or brunching! We are so pleased with the results of this collection - all digitally printed and with silver foil 'Tiff' labels, these are really something special. 

Whether your style is a crop & shorts set, tights and track jackets, a colour-crazy spray jacket or a babin' bodysuit (YES, BODYSUIT!) there's something for you in this collection. 

The release date of these limited edition pieces is Wednesday 6 December, 9am (AEST)!

Happy weekend! 

ps big thanks to our fantastic model Angel for being so fun to work with! xx 


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