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Article: Studio Snaps

Studio Snaps

Studio Snaps

I am so super lucky to do what I do, I get to paint all day, everyday. And I wouldn't have it any other way. When creating my studio, I knew it needed to be anything but precious. I wanted to feel free to do what I like, where I like and not feel fearful of ruining something special! So... Concrete floors, a must! Cheap furniture, almost a must! Makeshift shelving system to house all of my paint pots, a definite yes! It's not the most glamorous of spaces, but it is my happy place.

In designing this studio of ours, I knew I wanted to celebrate the hand made and hand painted nature of our product. The hands-on process used to create our bags feels special and in this studio, is where the magic happens and I just love sharing it with you. My little dream of having a space where you are able to come on in with a coffee, shop the current collection of accessories, chat colour with our team and explore behind the scenes of our brand has come to life, but for those who can't make it in, here is a little snapshot of our studio and store... xxx

The Gallery Store

Our studio is tucked behind a pink roller door, on beautiful sunny days we have the roller door up, these are the days we meet lots of new faces who have just discovered the brand by simply walking past. On not so nice days, the roller door is down (entrance via the other pink door to the left in the alcove,) these are the days we see lots of familiar faces and people who have found us via the digital world! Finding us is a little bit of an adventure, but we think that's all part of the charm!

The Open Studio

If you're keen to take a look around our working studio, don't be shy! We designed this space to be shared! x

I am currently working on custom tulle skirts for all types of occasions... Baby showers, weddings, engagement parties and 50ths! This process is so special, I love seeing something transform from just an idea into reality! Explore the current range of tulle skirts here, to enquire about a custom piece please read more here.

Currently on display is my collaboration wallpaper with Milton and King, you can explore the collection here via our website and purchase rolls here via Milton and King's website. They ship Worldwide!

I am forever asked about my fave paints... Based on what I'm painting (bags, tulle or artwork) the price, type of paint and *quality* varies greatly. But, some of my most used brands are Permaset, Derivan, MatisseGolden, MontMarte and Chromacryl.

For bags... I am currently working on a lush green floral layered over a rich background of blue, white and powder pink. As well as a bright abstract inspired by a birds eye view of the Australian landscape. I have also just started to work on a rich chevron in colours as chosen by you via our question box in our Instagram story. If you would like to see this unfold... Please check it out on the gram.

Keep an eye out for these launching online in April, if you would like to stay up to date all things new releases (bags, tee shirts, leggings, tulle skirts etc) please sign up to our weekly love letters here.

Although, I find most of my inspiration in everyday things... like surrounding buildings in our neighbourhood, nature and well... my inner thoughts, feelings and emotions on any given day! I also look to gorgeous interior mags like real living, inside out and belle.  

Thank you so much for making it to the end! I think that might be enough for today! I would love to know if you enjoyed this... Please leave a comment below letting me know what else you would like to see! I might try to do a studio wrap up of sorts every month, what do you think?

To finish... Here's a little sneak peek of the current large scale wall artworks I'm currently working on. If you would like to be the first to find out their release date as well as all other updates regarding new artwork please sign up to our painting mailing list here.

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